Welcome to the USS Stargazer, a real-time text based Star Trek roleplay game. Join the crew of the USS Stargazer as they explore new worlds and take on new adventures in the Alpha Quadrant of space.

Set in the late 2380's, the crew find themselves on the brink of war on both sides of Federation Space. Years prior, a team of Federation scientist and doctors created the ultimate biological weapon during a secret arms race with the Romulans, a super- virus capable of doing extensive damage to large populations if released. The virus never made it to the final weaponizing stage however, when the research facility which was working with the virus suffered a breach and the virus spread beyond the Federation biomedical research facility and across the planet of Gallos II. The disease killed thousands before a cure was sucessfully created and the program was dismantled, deemed too dangerous. Not all of the information was destroyed however. A few key pieces of research were stolen by a rouge Federation officer and smuggled out onto the black market, where the Federation was unsuccessful in many attempt to retrieve it.

Now, twelve years later, the virus is back, having found its way into the hands of the enemy. Used as a distraction and to weaken the forces and resolve of the Federation, a two pronged attacked by both the Cardassian Empire on the western flank and the Romaulan Empire on the eastern flank have pushed the Federation to the brink of a full scale, two sided war. With Cardassians making a push into the areas such as Deep Space 9 and the Romulans systemattically occupying Federation Colonies along the Neutral Zone and outwardly attacking outposts within easy striking distance of Romulan space, the crew of the USS Stargazer find themselves trying to respond to attacks while balancing their original mission of peaceful exploration of deep space.

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